Lauren Wilson

At the age of 20, I am currently just beginning my career as a traditional artist. In my work, I aim to tell various stories while evoking an emotional response from the audience. I primarily portray figurative images of people, of all different body types, in a more semi-realistic western cartoon style. In my work more recently, I have taken a lot of inspiration from my environment. The works are mostly made in various dry media such as graphite, pen, and marker; while others are made in wet medias such as India ink and watercolor.

In my past few years of work with Angela, I have had a much greater understanding of world issues as well as those that may be closer to home than I would have ever imagined, as well as archival materials, working with uncommon objects, how to network and market myself, and realizing the importance of expressing yourself and your beliefs through art. I am so grateful to have been given to opportunity to work alongside Angela not only as an associate but as a friend who I owe a lot of my growth artistically and in general to.


Julianne Brogden

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Tom Ingalls

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