Angela Tirrell

34 years ago I founded a mural company in New York City — after studying decorative painting in London — and have since created figurative murals across the United States for a range of clients. In 1997 I painted a large abstract piece in my studio in response to the sudden death of my parent — and my artistic purpose shifted. Today textural abstract painting characterizes most of my work.

My paintings are typically informed by radio or print reportage, by films, lectures and literature. Currently, I am attracted to topical concerns such as the states of war and peace on the planet, the health of the planet itself, the beneficence and cruelty of humankind, women's and immigrants rights.

To create texture in a piece, I carefully choose from an increasing array of relevant mixed-media such as BB gun pellets, shards from auto windshields, iridescent insect carapaces, string, charcoal powder, acupuncture needles, wire, found objects, etc. — and I incorporate these materials subtly in rich color backgrounds, to evoke a visceral reaction from the viewer.

The purpose of my work is to encourage reflection about the complex issues that inhabit our hearts and minds. My paintings are often expressions of compassion and prayers for healing.

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Photo by Indra Fortney

My paintings are essays, prayers, and conduits to encourage reflection and communication about the complexities of life —about the topics which inhabit our hearts and minds.
— Angela Tirrell